Monday, October 22, 2012


One of easiest way to make money from internet is clicking on ads. There are number of sites on internet which allows users to click on their advertiser's ads and to earn money for each click. These are known as "Paid to Click" programs or PTC sites. They also called Bux sites. Almost all the PTC sites work in the same way. Once you created an account and logged in to their site they display advertisements. All you have to do is click on ads and after it was loaded wait until (usually 5-20 seconds) a message is displayed (Something like “you earned $0.02") to make sure that you are paid for that click. Then you have to click on next ad and wait until the message displayed and so on. 
Remember that you can't click on two ads at the same time. Have any doubts about can money making is that much easier? Yes I also had too. Really these sites are paid large amount of money by their advertisers. So they share a little with us. That's what happens. The advertisers get the traffic they deserved for their sites.
How much can I earn?
Next you may ask how much I can earn from PTC sites. You must keep in my mind that there are people who are earning $1000 a month or more. Absolutely it depends on the number of referrals you have and the money you invest. You can buy referrals from the PTC site you joined. If you can refer friends by giving your referral link to them you will earn from their clicks too. For an example let’s say that a PTC site pays you $ 0.01 per click and you can click 4 ads per day. Also say that you have bought 50 referrals. Then your earnings will be something like this.

You click 4 ads per day = $0.01 x 4 = $ 0.04
Your 50 referrals click 3 ads per day = $0.01 x 3 x 50 = $ 1.50
Your daily earnings = $1.54
Your monthly earnings = $1.54 x 30 = $46.20

Now you may ask what sites do this type of service offers. There are many PTC sites for making money from the internet. I have mentioned here the sites which can be trusted.


Neobux is the best PTC site on the internet today. Their honest and dedicated service has been the success behind them. So Neobux is the website you can start and people have earned over 10 million dollars from them.

Once you signed up they offer 4 advertisements per day to click. Value of one click is $ 0.01. When you reached $ 0.75 you can use that money to rent referrals. So you don't need to spend even a cent. But if you looking for quick money you can invest to buy referrals. Remember more referral means more money. If you can invest about $ 90 to buy a Golden membership, it is easy to make profits and earn a regular income. Minimum payout is $ 2.00 and payment methods are Paypal and Alert pay.

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ClixSense has been around for 5 years and has been the longest running, most reliable, and most trusted Paid-to-Click (PTC) website. ClixSense has since evolved for the best.  It takes pride to be the first to introduce other streams of income (aside from paid-to-click ads) like tasks, weekly contests, completing offers, and taking surveys rolled in to one system.  These streams of income is foremost the reason why members of ClixSense are very eager to continue with the program.

Mothers who stay at home, parents that needed a second job, students, people in between jobs, and people who got slashed from the job has benefited a lot with this program.  Many even took ClixSense as their primary income generator.  Whatever your circumstance is, ClixSense will benefit you as well.

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